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     Intermec EasyCoder C4
Tuesday, 12 November 2002


"Rational Automation Services offers you this proven, easy-to-use and dependable printer at a very competitive price.  Ideal for printing labels on standard or thermal paper."


This is a printer manufactured by Intermec.  To this excelent product we have added a friendlier label design software and a component to make it stand-alone, i.e. use it without a PC once the labels have been saved in it.


Designed to get you up-and-going within minutes.  You will find everything you need in the box.
Parallel and serial PC connections standard; can be ordered with a USB connection.  Stand-alone option also available.
User-friendly design gives very easy access for replacing feeding paper and ink ribbon.
Both thermal printing and thermal transfer possible.
Self-strip of labels with label taken sensor possible.
203 dpi resolution standard, sufficient for barcode and logo printing.  Model also available for printing at 300 dpi.


The C4 can be supplemented with the following according to your needs:

A rewinder for putting labels in rolls again as they are printed.
Customized software for more advanced uses.
Frame for using larger diameter rolls.
Finally, the C4 can be installed in a print-and-apply arrangement with a semi-automatic RCA or FCA label applicator.

Last updated:  Monday, 11 July 2005


Please click below for a screenshot of the label design software.


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