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 New RCA video clip here. See how easy bottle labelling can be! Apply 4 labels in 10 seconds with our semi automatic applicator!
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     RCA (Round Container Applicator)
13 November 2006


"The RCA is the ideal semi-automatic label applicator for seasonal producers who use cylindrical containers like bottles, jars, cans etc.."


[For packaging where the label is applied on a flat side, please see the FCA.]

bottle labeler

The RCA is one of the handiest semi-automatic bottle labelers in the market.  It is lightweight, portable and, for bottles with one label each, it can output up to 1,600 per hour.  Of course, it can do a lot more than just bottles and wine.  This label applicator is good for any round / cylindrical container like jars, cans, tins, and any produce like beer, oil, preserves etc.

It can also apply two labels per container.  This can be done in two ways.  The easiest is to have both sides of your label printed alternatively on the same roll.  The machine will apply two labels at a time and you will have to define the time step so that the two sit exactly opposite each other on the container.  If you can't have both sides on the same roll, then each container will have to pass twice through the machine.  On the second pass, a fibre-optic component will locate the first label on the container and place the second exactly opposite the first one.

This link takes you to RCA prospectus. 

On the other hand, here you can find a quick movie demonstrating the labeller's capabilities

The RCA can be supplemented with an Intermec C4 printer for adding special data to your label, e.g. best before date, barcode, etc.

Other than round containers, RCA can also handle some polygonal and conical shapes.  For all other shapes, please see the FCA.



semi-automatic bottle label applicator

Click here for the prospectus of the RCA, our bottle label applicator.



bottle label applicator

Two 15 sec clips showing the RCA (semi-automatic bottle label applicator) in action:  CLIP1, CLIP2 (right-click and "Save Target As ...").

(QuickTime required)

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